Monday, June 9, 2014

Weekend DX Report - June 9 2014

I had my very first few DX contacts this weekend on my Ten-Tec Jupiter and Eagle One HF Vertical.  I have to say, that it was AWESOME.  I've had the radio and antenna setup in its current configuration for the past 3 weeks or so, and not really even heard many DX stations.  I've worked quite a bit of the ARRL Centennial QSO party, and been having a lot of fun with that.  But last night around 9:30pm EDT, I started to hear quite a few DX stations on 20m.

It all started with VV2CSI out of INDIA!  I couldn't believe that I could hear someone on the opposite side of the earth from me on my system.  I listened to him have a few QSOs, and then I decided to jump in.  I threw out my call at his next QRZ, and WALA!  He picked me out of the pileup, and gave me a 57 signal report out of India!  Not bad, for my first ever DX station.

After that, I tooled around the band for a bit, and watched the cluster reports from  If you haven't checked out, you have to.  It's invaluable information on band conditions, and what's being logged where.  Anyways, I worked the band for another 30 minutes.  In that time frame I worked Serbia, Finland, and Russia.  I was also in a pile up for a station in the Azores, but I never seamed to make it through.  All in all, what a great weekend of radio, and my first true DX work.  I couldn't believe it.

All of my DX contacts this weekend were on 75 watts of SSB power on 20 meters.

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