Thursday, May 15, 2014

Heading to Dayton

Woohoo!  Heading to Dayton on Saturday.  Its going to be an adventure.  I've never been to the Hamvention before despite being a ham for 15 years, and living only 3 hours away.  I don't know why now, I'm finally getting a chance to go.

I'll be running my APRS beacon in KB9BVN's vehicle the whole day.  That can be tracked via the web on the APRS.FI website.

So, here are my open projects / shopping list

1.) Digipeater for APRS to run at the house.  I have a couple of 2M radios, and some arduino's laying around.  Surely there is a way to make this work.  I'll be digging around for ideas and parts.
2.) Another 2M antenna for the house.  Maybe a beam or something cool.
3.) Radial Wire for my Eagle One
4.) Ladder Line for making some slim jim 2M jpoles as a Boy Scout Radio project
5.) All the various connectors and PL259 connectors I can get my hands on.
6.) Maybe a newer HF radio if the opportunity presents itself.

It should be an adventure!

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  1. I'll be in the fleamarket spaces 521, 522 with a few of my buddies. Big red F-150 and white easy-up awning. Stop by if you have time. You'll be overwhelmed with all there is to see and do!