Friday, May 23, 2014

It's Here! - My HF Journey - Radio #2

Well, it happened.

Like I said, since going to the TenTec factory in Sevierville, TN, I have wanted to own one.  I've spent months combing through ebay every couple of days looking for that deal.  Each time I'd have an Argosy II, or Jupiter at a reasonable price.  And then, it would happen.  I'd lose the auction in the final five seconds.

Well, over hamvention weekend, I guess not too many folks were watching eBay, or maybe just not as many.  I was able to land a great deal on a TenTec 538 Juniper.  It came with the external hand mic, the external speaker, and a radio in near mint condition.  I'll do an unboxing video, and maybe some video tonight and post it back here on the blog.

Finally.  I'm so close to being on the HF airwaves I can taste it.

So here's my setup with the Jupiter.

Rig - TenTec 538 - Jupiter 100w HF 6m - 160m
Tuner - MFJ VersaTuner II Dual Needle
Antenna - Eagle One Verticle HF Antenna (10,15,20,40,80m)

I'll give a report after this weekend on how it does!

73s - N9AWM

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